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Specialized Kinesiology

‘Touch For Health’ is a safe, complementary healing method that uses Specialized Kinesiology, or ‘muscle monitoring’ combined with gentle Acupressure Touch to promote natural healing of the body. The first edition of ‘Touch For Health’ was published in 1973 by Developer John Thie, DC, of Malibu, CA, USA. The practice of TFH has since grown into a renowned, worldwide healing modality used by medical professionals as well as individuals seeking holistic health and wellness.

Using the muscles as a biofeedback mechanism, ‘Touch For Health’ works with the subtle energies of the body. For example, the tension you feel in your neck when things are ‘weighing you down’ can stay long after the problem that caused your neck pain initially. By teaching the triad of health; Structural, Nutritional and Mental/Emotional sides of the person, TFH emphasizes our own uniqueness and gives us tools to become happy, healthy and whole.

The synthesis of techniques involved in TFH use skills drawn from chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy and ancient Chinese Acupuncture. The ‘Touch For Health’ educational program offers simple tools and processes that each of us can use to regain our own holistic health care.

Bee Flach has completed Level 1 of the TFH syllabus and is committed to sharing the valuable lessons she has learned from this amazingly effective modality and to continuing her research & education in this important health modality.

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