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The Busenius Technique

History & Overview:

The Busenius Technique© was created and developed over a 30 year period by G & B Busenius. This healing method grew out of a father/daughter team committed to relieving his stress & tension, back pain and spinal misalignment. It began innocently enough with daughter Bee, at age 10, providing ‘stress relieving’ neck rubs from behind the driver’s seat for her Dad while driving long distances on family vacations. With 5 children in the family car (and a tiny one still in diapers), any stress relieving techniques for Dad &/or Mom were greatly appreciated at the time!

From such humble beginnings sprung a technique that began to provide validity when Mr. ‘B’ noticed genuine relief from these neck rubs and encouraged daughter Bee to hone her innate talent for discovering ‘just the right spot’ and corresponding musculature to increase potential relief provided.

The Busenius Technique© saw further advancement with Bee’s acquisition of her BCRPA Fitness Instructor & Weight Training (Level ll) Certification.  Newly armed with a basic understanding in kinesiology, anatomy & musculature, Bee was now able to include fundamental muscle balancing theory to acupoint & nerve stimulation along with myofascial tension relief, bringing a more consistent success rate to each treatment she used on her Dad. Predominantly used for his lower back (sciatic), chronic shoulder & neck pain relief, the treatment was now becoming increasingly effective. With G Busenius providing feedback and support over an extended period of time, the resultant technique began to take on unique characteristics, developing a success rate worthy of documentation.

Bee Busenius (now Flach), has acquired further knowledge, committed to ongoing

training, continued her education and honed her skills to reach a point of distinction in discovering methods to help balance, calm  and relax Body, Mind and Spirit.  

The Busenius Technique© is an honorary tribute to thank Gord Busenius for his unwavering support of Beeflexology over the years.

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