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Hotstone Massage (Deep Tissue)

What is Hotstone Massage? Also called Thermotherapy, Hotstone Massage is a form of body work using hot, smooth basalt stones applied to the body. Using varying shapes and sizes of stones in combination with  massage techniques, this therapy helps to relieve sore muscles along with chronic or stress related conditions.  Inducing a deeply relaxing, therapeutic response in the body, both the heat and weight of the stones help to sooth trigger points and soften tight muscles.

How does it work?  The hot stones generate circulation.  When a muscle tightens, the blood can't circulate as well as it should. With the application of the hot stones, the heat penetrates and relaxes the muscle, removing the need to poke, prod or do deep tissue work to get release.  With added circulation, the newly oxygenated blood flow to the muscle relieves the pain.

What can it do for me? Hotstone Massage induces a sense of deep relaxation, eases tight muscles, improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and helps balance the nervous system.      . The therapeutic value of the deep tissue Hotstone Massage offers longer lasting benefits than what can be achieved without the applied heat, including decreasing tension overall, decreasing soft tissue stiffness and assisting in the process of detoxification.  

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