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'Reflexology ‘ is a natural, non invasive healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every part of the body. Our physical image is mapped onto the feet in a logical, anatomical pattern; the toes represent the head; the ball of the foot corresponds to the internal organs and the heel of the foot corresponds to the pelvic region in our body. Similar ‘maps’ of reflexes are found on the ears and hands as well. Through application of pressure on these reflexes, Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation, opens the flow in blocked nerves and helps promote the natural function and healing of the body.

Why does Reflexology Work?

The body has the ability to heal itself. Following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body is in a state of ‘imbalance’ and vital energy pathways are blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively. Essentially, Reflexology helps to balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the whole body and can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance and encourage healing. If an organ or gland is underactive or overactive, Reflexology can help return it to a normal level.

History of Reflexology?

Dating back to 2330 BC, the first recorded history of Reflexology is found in Ankhmahor’s tomb in Saqqara Egypt. Known as “First Under the King; Overseer of the Great House”, Ankhmahor wielded significant power as Visier to King Teti of the VI dynasty. Although not a physician himself, Ankhmahor’s mastaba Is referred to as the ‘Physician’s tomb’ due to a number of depictions describing various surgical operations located within his tomb. The relief that shows foot & hand operations being performed is cited by many Reflexologists as proof that alternative therapies were practiced in Egypt. 
Many ancient civilizations, including a number of North American native cultures also portray compelling evidence of rudimentary forms of Reflexology being practiced throughout the ages.

How will I benefit from Reflexology?

* Can be practiced safely on all individuals regardless of age or disease pathology present 
* Complementary with all other therapies and care plans currently prescribed to individuals
* Encourages healing from accident, injury and/or disease 
* Increased circulation and blood flow
* Non-invasive; results are achieved without the use of tools of any kind
* Reduction in edema (swelling) 
* Restoration and maintenance of the body’s natural balance and healing process
* Stress and tension relief

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