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Acupressure Facial

'AcuPressure' is not 'AcuPuncture' and vice versa. NO NEEDLES are used in Acupressure! Although both modalities strive to stimulate precise Acupoints along Meridian lines, the Acupressure procedure is non-invasive, using only finger and thumb techniques to apply pressure to specified points. Combined with light stimulation to surface skin & connective tissue, this treatment releases muscle tension in the face, head, neck & shoulders providing a pleasant, yet surprisingly effective experience in facial rejuvenation and overall relaxation.


Why does Acupressure Facial Work?

The impression of beauty is directly related to tension in the face, head and neck muscles. In fact, the neck/jaw area is often regarded as a barometer of the general body-mind level of Stress. Tension has a detrimental effect on the skin condition by impeding circulation of blood and energy, and can result from habitual expressions, or as a reaction to eyestrain, headache, sore throat, nasal problems, toothache, earache, neck or jaw tightness.

Stimulating ‘Acupoints’, (specific areas of high bio-electric conductivity), provides the ultimate release of tension throughout the musculature, increasing blood flow & restoring energy.



How will I benefit from an Acupressure Facial?

* Better skin tone & Clarity
* Noticeable reduction in the appearance of facial expression lines & wrinkles
* Well rested, bright eyed & relaxed facial/neck area
* Reduced facial edema (swelling)
* Results are achieved without the use of creams, lotions, peels or tools of any kind!
* Confidential Before & After pictures (optional) demonstrate the treatment’s effectiveness!

Disclaimer: Individual Results of the Acupressure Facial treatment can vary widely depending on an individual's age, health and existing skin and/or disease processes present. Acupressure Facial is not a medical treatment, or used for the purpose of treating disease or personal ailments.

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