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About Beeflexology

*  A practicing Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT), Bee received her Diploma in Foot Reflexology in 2009 and Hand Reflexology  in 2013 through the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). 

*  She studied the advanced techniques of European  Reflexology through the Universal College of Reflexology's 12 monthly Certificate Courses and received her UCR Progressive Reflexology Diploma in 2015.

*  Bee graduated with honors, receiving the Certificate of Distinction from Discovery Community College as an HCA (Health Care Attendant) in 2008. She also successfully completed Food Safe, WHMIS and Standard CPR C Certification through St John Ambulance. 

*  Completing Level 1 of the Touch For Health syllabus in 2010, Bee is committed to sharing the valuable skills she learned from this modality.

*  Bee completed the Acupressure Facial Workshop in 2010, enhancing her understanding of healing achieved through Acupressure touch.

*  Completing the Bodytalk Access course in 2014  brings an additional benefit to each session by quickly and efficiently helping clients enter into a parasympathetic (relaxed) state.

*   Completing Student Level #2 Healing Touch Beyond Borders Program in 2017 allows clients an opportunity for a 'hands off' healing session  if requested or preferred. 

*   The AromaTouch application method used to apply DoTerra Essential Oils offers clients additional deep relaxation and healing benefits.

*  Completing the Hot Stone Training&Practicum Certificate in 2017 offers Bee additional opportunity to address overworked, tight muscles.


*   Bee strives to maintain high standards in her practice and is highly committed to pursuing further knowledge through the Reflexology Association's Continuing Education program.   She also maintains an active membership as an RCRT in the BC Chapter of RAC.

*   The Busenius Technique© is named in honor of Bee’s father, Gord Busenius, for a unique method of healing that draws on the blend of knowledge and skills Bee has acquired throughout her life and leading directly to her current practice of Beeflexology© 

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